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Changing the Experience of Aging in Our Community
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Welcome to Saluda Living in Place (SLIP), a non-profit organization dedicated to changing the experience of aging. Our mission is to provide access to services, education, social activities, and community involvement for seniors. 

Empowering Seniors to Live Their Best Lives

At SLIP, we believe that aging should be a positive experience. We are committed to providing opportunities for seniors to connect with their communities, learn new skills, and engage in meaningful activities. Our programs are designed to support seniors in living independently and with dignity. We have a team of dedicated professionals who are passionate about serving seniors. Our services include neighbor to neighbor visits, transportation, home safety assessments, and more. We also offer educational programs on topics such as health and wellness, financial planning, and technology. Join our village in our mission to empower seniors to live their best lives.

Who We Are

We are Neighbors Caring for Neighbors and we want to change the paradigm of aging. We offer a wide array of practical support services and social connections that enable older adults to enjoy a rich, independent and healthy quality of life when they choose to age in their homes and communities. SLIP builds a sense of community and offers resources, services, programs and activities, including social and educational programs, health and wellness activities and volunteer assistance with transportation, light home maintenance, and technology coaching.


Our non-profit is based on the Village Movement that originated in Boston with Beacon Hill Village, leading the way for a more economically efficient model for aging.

Village Characteristics: While each Village is different and reflects the needs of its members and community, Villages share many common characteristics:

  • Provide a strong, inclusive community that offers members new opportunities to age successfully

  • Are run by volunteers 

  • Coordinate access to affordable services, including transportation, health and wellness programs, technology support, home repairs, social and educational activities

  • Offer access to vetted service providers (e.g., plumbers, electricians, painters)

  • Positively impact isolation, interdependence, health and purpose, reducing their members' overall cost of care

  • Form linkages with community partners to help address the challenges of aging

Why Are Villages Needed Now?

A 2010 survey by AARP found that nearly 90% of older adults in America want to stay in their homes and communities as they age. The Village model helps older adults to age in a place of their choosing, connected to their communities with the practical supports and tools they need to create successful aging of their own design. 

Villages are well positioned to improve the population health of the communities they serve. In Britain and the United States, roughly one in three people older than 65 live alone, and in the United States, half of those older than 85 live alone. Studies in both countries show the prevalence of loneliness among people older than 60 ranging from 10% to 46%. The Village Model works! Village members consistently report a positive impact on their well-being and quality of life as a direct result of their participation in their Village. 

“Villages are instrumental in helping people remain in their homes and independent in their communities.” - Ilene Henshaw, AARP, Department of Government Affairs.

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