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Super Health Food
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On Track Saluda

We make the healthy choice the easy choice!  

Mission:  On Track Saluda is a community organization created by SLIP, Saluda Living in Place, to assist our neighbors of all ages in living healthier, happier lives.  


Inspired by the Blue Zone movement our core pillars are healthy eating, movement and social connection.  We bring together members of our community to eat, exercise and play together!  

Need more Information?  Email us at:

Roasted Zuccini

We provide opportunities for you to find more fun and easy ways to eat healthy food (no matter how many picky eaters you may have in your household).  Attention is given to fresh fruits and vegetables, local free range meat and eggs and other healthy alternatives to highly processed foods.


Join us at the Saluda Pop Up Pantry as we offer healthy recipes and samples!

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Recharge your batteries, connect with others, make new friends and explore your purpose at this stage in life.  Living “on purpose” gives you more energy, a sense of contentment and an ability to focus on what is important in life

Get involved with others who share your purpose!


Stay tuned for future purpose workshops, connection opportunities!

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Join us in new and existing ways to become more active and perk up your body, mind and spirit.  Join a weekly walking club, hike with Saluda Community Land Trust, try your hand at gardening, Yoga or Tai Chi for example.

Challenge yourself and track your progress!

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Books We Recommend at the Saluda Public Library:

1.   The Blue Zones Kitchen by Dan Buettner

2.   The Blue Zones Solution by Dan Buettner

3.   Okinawa Diet Cookbook for Beginners by Kenta Kanda

4.   Living Longer Healthier and Happier Recipes from Costa Rica by Melissa Guzman

5.   The Mediterranean Dish by Suzy Karadsheh

6.   Love Real Food by Kathryne Taylor (Library has it)

7.   No Meat Athlete by Matt Frazier (Library has it)

8.   Side Dish Bible by American Test Kitchen (Library has it)

9.   Sushi at Home by Kay Shimizu (Library has it)

10.  Nourishing Connections Cookbook by Cathryn Crouch and JoEllen Nicola 

11.  Bowls by America’s Test Kitchen 

12.  Mostly Plants by Tracy, Dana, Lori & Corky Pollan

13.  The New Book (Nutrition, Education and Wellness) by Healing Meals Community Project

14.  In Defense of Food  (came up with the phrase “Eat Food.Not Too Much. Mostly Plants”) By Michael Pollan

15.  Food Rules, An eater’s Manual. by Michael Pollan

Saluda Library also has several books on practical permaculture, gardening in small spaces, biodynamic gardening and microgreens.



1.   Plant Slant for Healthy Eating

2.   Tarrant Area Food Banks’s Eating Well on a Budget

3.   Chicago’s Food Bank

4.   Dr. Ann Wellness healthy eating school.



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